What We Do

Software Engineer Hiring Events in Latin America

Our software engineering hiring events allow companies to quickly and efficiently grow their teams with the exact talent they seek. We organize a 3 day hiring event, with 20-25 local software engineers who have qualified to attend based on the hiring company’s fundamental requirements. Our tech review qualifies engineers to attend the event, and our Global Mobility Service assists newly hired international engineers to relocate and settle in their new city in the US.


English Assessment and Introductory Phone Call

We ensure candidates have a strong command of spoken, written and verbal English skills with a brief English Language assessment and introductory phone call. We also have the chance to learn about the engineers’ technical backgrounds and motivation on these calls, giving us strong personality signals.


Tech Review

We built a technical skill review process that levels the playing field for all international candidates. You tell us the top 3 most fundamental technical skills necessary for success in the desired role in your company, and we craft technical tryouts designed to challenges those skills. So, the 20-25 engineers invited to attend our hiring event will have the technical foundation you’re looking for – often more!


Global Mobility Service

Once you’ve decided which candidates from the hiring event will receive offers, we work with them closely in the months leading up to relocation and initial months in the US. We have a thorough pre-departure orientation for new hires to reference as well as an in-person orientation once they’ve arrive in the US.

From preparing visa application paperwork to coordinating US arrival and start dates to helping them find housing, set up bank accounts, navigate local transit and more, we stand by newly hired engineers every step of the way, bearing the stress of international relo so they can focus on and enjoy their new work!